Shipping Container Conversions

Shipping Container House


I tried to add a little logo in this post for “LIV” (My name). Maybe I’ll do a post on some logo designs??


Lines & Love



Our first module ‘Space and Place’, we created a body of work, in which I focused on lines. My drawings slowly progressed until I was able to combine my line drawings with textures in Photoshop.  These are a few of my drawings, all of which are things I love.

INSPIRATION: Self Portrait

tumblr_n47iftkzXa1twwk2lo1_1280tumblr_n47iftkzXa1twwk2lo7_1280tumblr_n47iftkzXa1twwk2lo5_1280tumblr_n47iftkzXa1twwk2lo2_1280   I found this beautiful self-portrait shoot on I couldn’t find a lot (anything) about the photographer, but I would love to use this as an inspiration model to design/create something myself. 


Punto Y Coma. (2014). [Self-portrait]. Retrieved from