SELF PORTRAIT: Indirect Communication.



Trying to find the words to explain things, or myself I find so difficult and frustrating and I come to the conclusion that silence and less words is best. So I use design to communicate who I am. Creating a visual folio or display of work is my way of speech. It gives me a sense of contentment in knowing people can see and understand me and who I am. It makes up for my lack of sociability and communication. This small display of my work starts to give people a sense of who I am, my personality and style. You can instantly sense simplicity, minimalism, cleanness, a strive for perfection, and however else you feel. It’s me, and my voice. I struggle to communicate verbally, but I am most comfortable typing, writing and designing. I am able to type/create what’s in my brain,  in order to explain to others about myself.

Therefore blogging and having a wall space for my work is perfect, although I am constantly fighting between not wanting to be seen, and needing people to see to understand who I am.






KARISMA Logo Design Process 2


In one of my previous posts I showed the Typography exercise we did in class where we individually traced letters – old school typography. I also traced ‘KARISMA’ (as the name of my blog) and thought I would see what I could do with it. I just used what I had, which was a camera, and watercolour/illustration also from a previous post – merged them together now I have a potential header for my blog! – While also enjoying the process 




I’ve been struggling with the whole ‘Self-portrait’ theme, completely overthinking it to the point where I don’t get a lot done. “Quickly” isn’t a word that describes me at all. So instead of trying to create a ‘perfect’, detailed Self-portrait, I want to learn to let go of the precise, and accept everything – perfect or not. The image above is a sketch I did of myself. I wanted it to reflect who I am, so it shows me wearing headphones as music is important to me.


Collage (2)

Handwritten Typography.

Because of our modern-day technology, we have lost the ability to create typography organically – with pen and paper. Nearly all our text and font is now created through computer software’s rather than the original, old-fashioned way that trains the hand and eye to pick up on crucial, fine details – things that define a good designer from one great. Hand-rendered typography is a skill I certainly want to nurture, and I will probably spend the next few days solely focusing on this skill. I just need to remind myself to breath…

DESIGN: Superfood Vitality Bar



I was working on this identity design back in 2013 for a healthy, organic, ‘Superfood Vitality Bar’. This is just a very small selection of the entire folio. I enjoyed working on it, and wouldn’t mind revisiting it with a bit more time than I had as I feel it has potential. I also had the best model ever, my cousin Abbey 


Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 2.18.36 PM

This couple by the name of Mr and Mrs P have come up with this gorgeous, modern minimal range of home, kitchen, and lifestyle goods – all painted and made of natural, sustanible materials. I love the simplicity and organic-ness of their designs – something I would definitely love and purchase! Simple but original.

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