FINAL Line Pattern - Colour Two Tone

I always hated blue & red – especially when paired together. Fitting, half the colours of my childhood where red & blue.

My Clicko set pieces were red & blue. My primary school uniform consisted of blue shorts/skirt, and a red top. Blue pen and red ruled columns, multi-coloured plastic counting counters. – These are the (fugly) colours I associate with my childhood years.

Today in my degree we start the ‘Pattern Universe’ module which I am excited about. The first task is to “Draw on an A4 sheet of paper the pattern you remember most vividly from your childhood.” There are many things I remember from my childhood, but it is difficult to create a pattern out of those memories. So I reminisced back to the hours spent clicking pieces together of my red & blue ‘Clicko’ set – creating¬†very clear patterns. I would occupy myself for hours as a kid, building endless structures and patterns. I had a big box of it and would sit and ¬†make new 3D patterns and building structures all day.

So… the result is an A4 drawing of patterns formed with Clicko pieces in which I initially sketched, then scanned through to Photoshop (Painfully created in Photoshop – which is why I am excited for this new module where we will be developing skills in Illustrator) apply the watercolour textures.