FINAL Line Pattern - Colour Two Tone

I always hated blue & red – especially when paired together. Fitting, half the colours of my childhood where red & blue.

My Clicko set pieces were red & blue. My primary school uniform consisted of blue shorts/skirt, and a red top. Blue pen and red ruled columns, multi-coloured plastic counting counters. – These are the (fugly) colours I associate with my childhood years.

Today in my degree we start the ‘Pattern Universe’ module which I am excited about. The first task is to “Draw on an A4 sheet of paper the pattern you remember most vividly from your childhood.” There are many things I remember from my childhood, but it is difficult to create a pattern out of those memories. So I reminisced back to the hours spent clicking pieces together of my red & blue ‘Clicko’ set – creating very clear patterns. I would occupy myself for hours as a kid, building endless structures and patterns. I had a big box of it and would sit and  make new 3D patterns and building structures all day.

So… the result is an A4 drawing of patterns formed with Clicko pieces in which I initially sketched, then scanned through to Photoshop (Painfully created in Photoshop – which is why I am excited for this new module where we will be developing skills in Illustrator) apply the watercolour textures.


Album Cover Designs

album art


Music is a big part of my life, and creating music and sounds is what inspires me. I’m starting to record more and more demos and tracks for my Church’s youth events. I created this cover for an intro another youth created – ‘Big Dreamer’, and although not my usual minimalistic style, it suits the song, it’s producer and keeps to our Church identity/image. Still you can also recognize aspects of my particular look, such as the brush effect, simple colours, and overall composition.





This is part of the result of the module ‘Space and Place’. I was focusing on line and struggling to get anywhere. However after a bit of editing these are a couple of the works I came out with. Personally I think it’s quite random, but I get to call it art.

The theme of ‘line’ was influenced my modern trends in many things I have saved from blogs I have come across – as shown above. The theme was ‘line’, but within that theme I was focusing on communicating a song that means a lot to me, ‘Oceans’, by Hillsong.

The first photograph explains how complicated and difficult life can get represented by the lines (fine-tip black sharpie). The clear circle in the middle represents how I feel when listening to Oceans. When listening to music like that, you enter into a space, and a peace regardless of everything going around you. That was the simplest way I could communicate this song.

The second photograph shows the hand written (scribbled) lyrics of the song Oceans, keeping the simple black line consistent along with the significant (we’d be here all day explaining the significance of the circle) orange circle (orange chalk).

Lines & Love



Our first module ‘Space and Place’, we created a body of work, in which I focused on lines. My drawings slowly progressed until I was able to combine my line drawings with textures in Photoshop.  These are a few of my drawings, all of which are things I love.

SELF PORTRAIT: Indirect Communication.



Trying to find the words to explain things, or myself I find so difficult and frustrating and I come to the conclusion that silence and less words is best. So I use design to communicate who I am. Creating a visual folio or display of work is my way of speech. It gives me a sense of contentment in knowing people can see and understand me and who I am. It makes up for my lack of sociability and communication. This small display of my work starts to give people a sense of who I am, my personality and style. You can instantly sense simplicity, minimalism, cleanness, a strive for perfection, and however else you feel. It’s me, and my voice. I struggle to communicate verbally, but I am most comfortable typing, writing and designing. I am able to type/create what’s in my brain,  in order to explain to others about myself.

Therefore blogging and having a wall space for my work is perfect, although I am constantly fighting between not wanting to be seen, and needing people to see to understand who I am.