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I tried to add a little logo in this post for “LIV” (My name). Maybe I’ll do a post on some logo designs??






This is part of the result of the module ‘Space and Place’. I was focusing on line and struggling to get anywhere. However after a bit of editing these are a couple of the works I came out with. Personally I think it’s quite random, but I get to call it art.

The theme of ‘line’ was influenced my modern trends in many things I have saved from blogs I have come across – as shown above. The theme was ‘line’, but within that theme I was focusing on communicating a song that means a lot to me, ‘Oceans’, by Hillsong.

The first photograph explains how complicated and difficult life can get represented by the lines (fine-tip black sharpie). The clear circle in the middle represents how I feel when listening to Oceans. When listening to music like that, you enter into a space, and a peace regardless of everything going around you. That was the simplest way I could communicate this song.

The second photograph shows the hand written (scribbled) lyrics of the song Oceans, keeping the simple black line consistent along with the significant (we’d be here all day explaining the significance of the circle) orange circle (orange chalk).

Lines & Love



Our first module ‘Space and Place’, we created a body of work, in which I focused on lines. My drawings slowly progressed until I was able to combine my line drawings with textures in Photoshop.  These are a few of my drawings, all of which are things I love.


Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 2.18.36 PM

This couple by the name of Mr and Mrs P have come up with this gorgeous, modern minimal range of home, kitchen, and lifestyle goods – all painted and made of natural, sustanible materials. I love the simplicity and organic-ness of their designs – something I would definitely love and purchase! Simple but original.

Parsons, E. & Parsons, P. (2014). All Products. Retrieved April, 14, 2014 from



Similar to Sandra Suy, though incorporates more colour in a more editorial approach. This sampler of work is by Kelly Smith, a well known illustrator and artist in the magazine and fashion industry. I adore her style, and talent, how she starts with this beautiful hand illustration, then enhances it even more by incorporating a watercolour paint effect in photoshop – exactly how I like to approach my design. The colours, lines, illustrations and models she uses are perfect and inspiring. Almost all her prints are complete sell-outs, attracting endless high fashion commissions. If I had this kind of talent I think I would be the happiest person on the planet.



INSPIRATION: Swedish Minimalist – ‘Lagom’


For years I have tried to pin-point my style, to identify my own work as a particular style, and today I figured it out. – Swedish Minimalist. For some reason I had not discovered that until now. It close to perfectly reflects my style – both in aesthetics and culture. I love the restrained décor, their use of light and natural materials, their respect for the environment, their healthy lifestyles and their strong sense of equality – to name a few.

This minimalistic Swedish style can be summed up in one word: Lagom. Widely translated it means “suitable” and “reasonable”, “fitting” and “in balance”, “Perfectly-Simple”. It’s about finding a perfect balance. Eliminating all clutter in your life, understanding quality over quantity, equality, and respecting our limited resources. 

The concept of Lagom can positively change your life when you start to incorporate it into your way of living. Below are some ways which I believe are important to maintaining a balanced, orderly lifestyle in following Lagom:

Ways of incorporating Lagom into your life!..

* Resist the “too much” of hoarding. As minimalists, we should all be doing this anyway—but even if you’ve found the “perfect” t-shirt or pair of black pants, don’t stock up on half a dozen when one or two will do.

* Resist the “too little” of extremism. Sure, the siren call of 100-item minimalism, or living out of a backpack, can be quite strong; but if it’s not appropriate for your lifestyle or family at this time, it’s not lagom.

* Embrace equality. Our planet’s population is growing, and its resources are limited. When we over-consume, we take more than our fair share—leaving less for other people, and future generations. By limiting our personal consumption (or donating some of our excess wealth or possessions) we can better ensure there’s enough to go around for others.

* Embrace enough. Whether it’s food, wine, hobbies, or material possessions, don’t overindulge. In fact, we tend to savor and appreciate things more when quantities are limited.


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I drew/created this portrait of Miranda Kerr for a perfume campaign I was working on.

Miranda Kerr is definitely someone who I admire and aspire to. I am inspired by her healthy lifestyle, ethics and values, style, and have been for many years now. She seems to carry a beautiful, calm presence where she goes, as I tried to portray in the beautiful flowers that surrounds her. That is something I work towards in my life – creating a beautiful atmosphere and environment around me, whether it’s my room, workspace,  my thoughts, people around me, the music I listen to, the music I create, and even just doing more of the things that I love.