Ways of Seeing: “Do You Fit The Mask?” Campaign Poster Concepts

Poster Concepts for Blog


Our current module is “Ways of Seeing.” In small groups we had just over a week to create a short film, with posters to promote it. The three of us girls focused on Identity, and created a “Campaign” using the mask of the ‘Perfect Face” – based on the Golden Ratio – as the motive used to create a distinctive identity. It has been interesting and had me confronting issues I struggle with in myself. Fitting so many ‘normal’ faces of people randomly around campus to this ‘mask of perfection’ really did make me realise just how different and unique everyone actually is. Many of us are constantly comparing ourselves – not just physical features either – to some of the most beautiful, refined celebrities of the world. We will compare the worst of ourself  to the best we can find.

I had to face my perfectionism in this project, and accept the level of excellence we were able to achieve in such a pushed time frame.


Which poster/aspects speak to you the most?



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