This is part of the result of the module ‘Space and Place’. I was focusing on line and struggling to get anywhere. However after a bit of editing these are a couple of the works I came out with. Personally I think it’s quite random, but I get to call it art.

The theme of ‘line’ was influenced my modern trends in many things I have saved from blogs I have come across – as shown above. The theme was ‘line’, but within that theme I was focusing on communicating a song that means a lot to me, ‘Oceans’, by Hillsong.

The first photograph explains how complicated and difficult life can get represented by the lines (fine-tip black sharpie). The clear circle in the middle represents how I feel when listening to Oceans. When listening to music like that, you enter into a space, and a peace regardless of everything going around you. That was the simplest way I could communicate this song.

The second photograph shows the hand written (scribbled) lyrics of the song Oceans, keeping the simple black line consistent along with the significant (we’d be here all day explaining the significance of the circle) orange circle (orange chalk).


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