SELF PORTRAIT: Indirect Communication.



Trying to find the words to explain things, or myself I find so difficult and frustrating and I come to the conclusion that silence and less words is best. So I use design to communicate who I am. Creating a visual folio or display of work is my way of speech. It gives me a sense of contentment in knowing people can see and understand me and who I am. It makes up for my lack of sociability and communication. This small display of my work starts to give people a sense of who I am, my personality and style. You can instantly sense simplicity, minimalism, cleanness, a strive for perfection, and however else you feel. It’s me, and my voice. I struggle to communicate verbally, but I am most comfortable typing, writing and designing. I am able to type/create what’s in my brain,  in order to explain to others about myself.

Therefore blogging and having a wall space for my work is perfect, although I am constantly fighting between not wanting to be seen, and needing people to see to understand who I am.



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